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About Us

Coin Card Gift is the official online store of manufacturer of Bitcoin Gift Cards. The website is made solely to provide the most exciting (and secure) way for gifting crypto. The online shop has themed cards for the most popular occasions. We work to publish all new cards and make them visible to the whole Bitcoin community.

The company is based in Dublin, Ireland (EU). We are a small team of Bitcoin enthusiasts with a bright focus on the crypto market, and over ten years of experience with BTC & Blockchain. We live in the early stage of the Digital Age, and we believe Bitcoin is the best possible gift today. It's the main cryptocurrency (also known as 'Digital Gold') on the market.

Imagine what can be the result of a Bitcoin Gift in the near future. If you give about 0.1 BTC, what will be its value in 5 or 10 years? Also, these gifts may be used in need of a financial solution. The flexibility of our gift cards is endless.

We're open for ideas, suggestions, and new opportunities to expand the Bitcoin popularity worldwide.